Early life:

Ben's early life is unknown,but he is known to have known Shawn a long time.He has several experience,maybe he is in the agency that the Shawn is working for a few years,before Sniper Assassin begins.

Events of Sniper Assassin:Edit

He first appered in Sniper Assassin 1,where he gives some missions to Shawn which invovle some traitor killings,"boss killings"etc.

He reappeared at Sniper Assassin 2,where Shawn has left the agency for quite some time,Ben invites Shawn to come back to the agency for more missions.Before doing the mission which invovles the player has to stay at the chopper and snipe the 2 CEOs.He messasges Shawn that he need to come back to agency for more work,as Shawn is the only crack shot in the group.Ben suceesfully invivtes Shawn,which led Shawn to more info about Mr.J.

Again,he appeared at Sniper Assassin 3,after being revealed that the agent is actually Mr.J,Shawn is furious and Ben texts Shawn that he is sorry for what has happpened.He also asks Shawn to calm down.


After Sniper Asssassin 3,he appeared in Sniper Assassin 4,giving missions to Shawn along side Charlie,which Ben refers her as a damn hot "chick".After interroagted the client,Ben and Shawn returns to HQ,but finds out Charlie was kidnapped by Mr.J when she was gathering more info.Ben tells Shawn that he will go to the special rescue team and seek for help,but Shawn refuses.Shawn said he would go rescue Charlie all by himself with new tools of night vision scope.Shawn succesfully resuce Charlie where she was walking out the exit while Shawn is gunning down the people who tried to attack Charlie.Charlie and Shawn returns to HQ but finds out Ben lieing on the floor,along with some agents.Before his death,he used his blood to tell Shawn that Mr.J is in the FFG First Warehouse.Mr.J also gives Shawn a note that says"Aren't you glad you made in time to save her?another gift----Mr.J"With Ben's death,Shawn is more determined to put a bullet to Mr Johnson's head............