'''Level 1''' is the first level of [[Sniper Assassin II: Long Range Killing Machine]].

==The Mission==

===Mission Briefing===

''I have reason to believe that my wife is cheating on me.''

''Some of the neighbors told me that a man sneaks into our house when I go out to work.''

''Please kill this man whoever he is! I'll pay you $5000 for this job.''


The assassination is outside of a suburbian home, at the time when the client leaves to go to work.


The target is a man who is cheating with the client's wife.


There is a man with a hat on holding a suitcase that walks out the front door. This person is the client, do not shoot him. Moments after the client leaves, the target can be seen snooping up to the far right window and waving inside.

===Failure Message===

(when the client is shot) ''You killed your client!''

===Level Code===



M107 SASR .50 caliber