Mission Briefing:

Charlie:Hello gentlemen.The agency is taking a more---let's say--active approach in taking out the syndicate.And since it is a well known fact that Shawn here has many encounters with the group,we have decided to acquire his assitance with that matter.

From the man i arrested earlier and interroagated,we have discovered a major hiding spot of the new FFG Corp in this city.A big warehouse found in the outskirts.This place will be heavily defended so I am hoping that Shawn here can assist us.

Mission Objectives:Edit

Kill off all the guards in the correct order or else.Check the guards line of sight to suceed.


This mission is a bit of moderate hard,so be careful.After completing the last mission,the player will automaticlly recieve a message form Ben that he did not think that Charlie was a "chick(A beautiful woman)After starting the mission, you will find out that there is 4 guards,2 patroling and 2 standing.Kill the patrolling guard at the 2nd floor.But kill it after he reaches the pitch dark room.If you killed the guard,his blood will burst out.Don't worry,the guards at the lower floor can see if you killed him in the room.Next, kill the guy standing lower than the guard you kill just now.You need to kiil him after the remaining patrol guard turn around heading to another guard that is standing.Quickly kill him, move your sniper scope quickly,kill the remaining patroling guard BEFORE he reach the final standing guard.After you killed him,shoot the remaining guard.You will complete the mission.Level Code (outskirts)