Neighborhood Cleaning is the fifth mission of Sniper Assassin: Long Range Killing Machine.

Overview Edit

Part 1 of 2. All three moles have been picked off, so the government decides to loosen up a bit and throw a party-a party where Mr J's cocaine warehouse is ravaged from the inside out. Just for fun.

Mission DetailsEdit

The assault takes place at one of Mr. Johnson's many heavily guarded cocaine warehouses.

The targets are the 6 guards and the 2 workers in the warehouse.

Walkthrough Edit

First, the 6 guards that are frequenting the warehouse should be killed, because they will alert the warehouse if anyone else is killed. They can be killed in any order. Once they're gone, the two slackers driving the equipment like a couple of idiots are all yours.

Failure Message Edit

(If a guard finds a body) You've set off the alarm and got caught! Make sure to kill all the guards first.

Sucess Message Edit

One more warehouse to raid...

Trivia Edit

  • This is a two parter mission, the first in the series.