Persuasion is the seventh mission in Sniper Assassin II: Long Range Killing Machine.

The MissionEdit


Thanks to your excellent shooting we managed to capture one of the kidnappers without making too much ruckus.

However this junk just won't sing! We tried all sorts of things just to get him to talk but the bastard is just too stubborn.

Can you lend us a hand with this? I think you can land some stronger punches than us.


The mission takes place in a dark interrogation room.


The target is one of the kidnappers and murderers of the client's son.


The goal of the mission is to make the "fear" bar bigger than the "guts" bar without losing all of the "life" bar. There are 7 controls to torture the victim:

[q] - Punch Right

[w] - Punch Left

[e] - Uppercut

[a] - Baton Whack

[s] - Gut Kick

[f] - Swing Lamp - extra 60 fear

SPACE - ask question

A good way to make him break is to use the lamp often in conjunction with the controls. Using baton whack is unwise, as it makes the life bar drastically lower than the guts bar, and does not raise the fear bar much. After fear is larger than guts, use the space bar to complete the level.

Failure MessageEdit

(If the player kills him) Do not kill him. Use the lamp to help boost fear.

Level CodeEdit



Knuckles, boots and anything that hurts.