Sniper Assassin: Long Range Killing Machine (typically referred to with a shorthand such as Sniper Assassin) is the first game in the Sniper Assassin series created by Ultimate Flash Archive.

Gameplay Edit

As the beginning of the series, the gameplay is rather barebones, especially when compared to the significantly larger games that came after it. The only control available is sniping by pressing the mouse pad. Some levels include mild strategy (for example, in the third mission, you have to wait for the target to be open before killing him).


The player character is a government agent (whose name is retroactively revealed to be Shawn Davidson in future installments). Shawn is assigned his first magor task; killing a mysterious man called " Mr. Johnson" (or Mr J for short), head of the drug syndicate FGG Corporation. Initially, it appears Shawn is successful; however, Mr J duped them and sent a decoy in his place, kicking off the rivalry between him and Shawn.

Rather than going after him, the government lays low and decides to focus on cleaning out three elusive traitors. Shawn is sent to dispatch them all. He snipes the first of the three as he's walking off his private jet, picks off the second one while hiding in his mansion. The third one, panicked, assaults a cop, arresting him so his life won't be taken. It is in vain; Shawn goes to the prison and assassinates him while he's being transferred to a new prison.

A few days later, Shawn is sent to raid two Mr. Johnson's cocaine warehouses ("Y'know, just to piss him off."). They are successful, but Mr. Johnson himself is not killed or captured right up to the end.


No Mission Names Description

The Target

The first mission of the game and the series. Shawn must assasinate the drug dealer Mr J as he is coming back from a baseball game.
2 Touchdown

Shawn finds out that the Mr J he shot was a decoy. His boss concludes there are moles in the agency and asks Shawn to weed them out. He heads to the airport to dispatch one, who is just returning from China.

3 Mansion The next traitor hides out in his mansion with his bodyguards to elude his death.
4 Prison Break

Shawn has become a feared name. The last of the traitors freaks out and assaults a cop, getting himself arrested and escaping Shawn's grasp. Shawn treks over to the prison, obtains the boarding schedule, and waits for the target to board his transfer.

5 Neighborhood Cleaning A few weeks later, the team decides to mess with Mr J a bit by raiding one of his warehouses. To help, Shawn must do what he does best, to every guard and worker in his path.
6 Neighborhood Cleaning II Direct contiunuation of the previous mission. Shawn takes on an even more heavily guarded warehouse to really weaken Mr. J. 


  • This game's artstyle is much more simplistic than any future game. Similarly, there are many other elements that differ from future installments. The gun noise here is much quieter and sounds less like a gunshot, for instance, and the signature "mission cleared" and "mission failed" noises are not present. The game has a much more amaturish feel, with multiple clear spelling/grammatical errors (Most infamously, "You killed and innocent person")