Sucker is the ninth level in Sniper Assassin II: Long Range Killing Machine.

The MissionEdit


Hi Shawn, it's been a while since you left the group. We know the incident bothers you till now, but I have a favour to ask you. We know that you already started doing clean-up missions again and we need you for a certain job.

I can't give you the details for now; all I can say is that the target has something to do with your wife's muder. I'll contace you again for specific details



I found out that two members of the board are planning to kick me out of the company by buying out my shares.

They will be leaving this afternoon to meet with the CEO, kill them before they leave.

I hired a chopper to pick you up in a moment; you will be payed handsomely for this job.


The mission takes place inside of a helicopter flying above a MicroHard building in a city landscape.


The targets are 2 board members of the MicroHard company who plan to buy out the client's shares and kick him out of the company.


This mission can be difficult because of the long distance making the targets seem short, the constant movement of the field of vision and the small window of opportunity for the player to shoot the targets. One way to succeed is to aim at the building they come out of and to move the scope against the movement of the helicopter.

Failure MessageEdit

(If the player fails to shoot both targets) Shoot the targets before they reach the chopper. All targets must be killed.

Level CodeEdit



M107 SASR .50 caliber